Thursday, November 03, 2005


This is why I really shouldn't be allowed out with the "nice" people. So, we're at The Quilter's Gathering in Nashua, and I go to look at the exhibit. There is a HUGE pictorial quilt, and as I draw closer, I see that it is made up of thousands and thousands of teeny tiny, maybe 1/2 inch squares? The effect is supposed to be sort of like counted cross stitch. Being a smart ass, I walk right up to it, peer close, and announce to the people standing next to me, "Her points don't meet." The lady RIGHT next to me snorted a little bit, so I could tell she got me, but the one next to HER looked shocked and said, "She has vision problems!" Sooooo, yours truly was left backtracking to make nice, lest we get people who call "The Linenlady" an agent of satan, or worse...not buy our stuff. I read the little blurb on the quilt and it said that the woman who made the quilt was a cross stitcher who "crossed" (haw haw) over to quilting because her eyes went bad, but she liked the effect of Xstitch and used it in her quilts. Now, I want to know...How is piecing together and sewing 50,000 1 inch squares going to be easier on your eyes than stitching X's on Canvas???? I don't get some people.
I liked most of the was well balanced between art quilts and traditional, and set up in such a way that it was easily negotiated, and I didn't have to smite loiterers to get through. Our booth did well for opening day, and we got to visit with a lot of really nice regulars (and some readers, HI GUYS!) Sooooo Tired, so I'm off to bed, folks...see yas!

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