Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In the News

Kai's Howl-o-ween costume. A true Angel of Mercy...as long as you have cookies in your pockets! I'm back, but now I'm getting ready for The Quilter's Gathering in Nashua, NH this weekend. It starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday. If any of you all show up and mention the blog, we have freebies and discounts to offer! I haven't been working on much with my nephews here...I did make them costumes which I will post pictures of when I get my camera back (left it in CT) I started the bases for two collaged postcards, but I had to wait several days for them to dry. Now, I'm thinking they're too dark and I wish I had left some lighter spots to give contrast, but I can probably lighten up a few spots with some white. Anyway, I'll bring pictures of our booth and of our wares...maybe tempt someone up to ski country? Have a great week!

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