Friday, December 09, 2005

30 Days of Do: Boring you to Tears for Half a Year!

I haven't been keeping up, and I realized that I am only waiting for the momentous occasions to write about them when I should be posting on a more regular basis, even for mundane topics, like today's. In typical 30 days fashion, I have been trying to at least frequent my studio each day, but it is poorly heated and the past few days have been too cold to stay very long. I finished the Ancient Worlds Postcards and sent them out, and then began on a bunch of other collaged cards which are in various stages of "doneness." There is one that I like a lot, which I will either photo or scan to put on here. It has a ton of stuff on it, paint, embossing powder, pictures, stamps and a crapload of gloss polymer. I haven't put fabric on it yet, but I DO want to before I send it out. This one will be for a "getting to know you" swap on the mixed media postcard list. I was thinking I might actually bind it with fabric like a small quilt. Okay, I'm off to brave the perilous drive to work. The snow was pretty fast and furious today and instead of 4-7 inches, we got something more like 5-10 inches, and the roads aren't looking very hospitable!

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