Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Merry post holidays, everyone! Christmas was fairly successful in that I was able to finish all of my shopping in an efficient and "non-stressed" manner, which is a totally new feeling for me. I finished nearly all of my shopping online and there was only one purchase which I had to purchase 2 day shipping for, and one last minute purchase which I had to have overnighted. In the past, I would have been buying all my crap 3 days before christmas, holding my breath, crossing my fingers and praying non-stop that it would get to its destination in time, and making last minute apologies about the items that didn't. Before online buying became my habit, I would combat crowds at the mall and pay outrageous prices rather than shop around for deals. I would become overheated and anxious while standing in lines or trying to find parking. Then would be the hideous procrastination and inevitable blinding nausea of getting my items packaged, wrapped and shipping presents to the kids out of state. I would still have people who didn't receive their presents on time. This year was wonderful in many ways. I had nearly all of the kids here for Christmas (my Daughter flew to her father's) so nothing had to be shipped by me. I was able to narrow my selections for each person to a few items and I was also able to find presents for a few of the people on my list who are EXTREMELY hard to find items for. The kids were happy and had a good time with all of their items, and dinner turned out well despite the fact that I had to work the night before and the night OF Christmas. Could anyone ask for more? Well there IS more. I received some very cool presents myself! I got a great LCD monitor from my honey and a graphire tablet from my son. The tablet is the most amazing thing, EVER. I am having so much fun with the pen mouse and messing around with coreldraw and photoshop. I also got a gift certificate for Dick Blick art supplies. My bestest friend got me a year's subscription to Audible which also comes with a free Ipod Shuffle!! So, I am having a great time. Since Christmas came on the weekend, I have a whole week off to spend with the kids and to enjoy my toys. I am hoping to have more finished items to share by the new year. Here is my first...messing around with photoshop.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! I have to say, I love the Cat Photoshop.