Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday is the New Friday

In case you're just joining, I have a weekend job. I work 24, get paid for 36, full benefits, the works. I don't like leaving my family for the weekends, but as I have mentioned previously here, it keeps me away from all of the decent people and off of the streets where God knows what kind of trouble I'd get myself into. So, it all evens out.
EXCEPT for weekends like this past one, where we had a blizzard, and I had to spend 36 hours at work!! (I might mention here that the LAST blizzard we had ALSO fell on a freakin weekend and I wound up bunking up then too) So, I wanted to put a new post up because I sorta feel guilty about leaving that stupid word CLOUD (thank you everyone for pointing that one out LOL) out for all of you to gawk at, and I have a feeling I'm going to be spending the next week showering my skin raw trying to get the work cooties off of me!! Hey to everyone here from Michele's! Now, I'm off to get into my clean, clean, dog&catfur covered bed for sleep that isn't interrupted by a Haitian nursing assistant attempting to get me out of bed for my bowel regimen.


Rene said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Michele sent me.

What a rough weekend. My mom was a nurse and I remember her having those rough shifts. Of course, we don't have blizzards here. We consider it inclement weather if we have to put on a sweater.

Michele said...

Actually, I am here from Michele's - imagine that. No matter where I go, there I am.

I hope you are enjoying your days off.

owlhaven said...

here from Michelle's