Thursday, February 16, 2006

Out From Under My Rock

Because I pay so very little attention to things such as TV and Radio (although I do watch and listen), I wind up missing out on a lot of popular culture references. For example, my husband and kids love to watch all these cartoons on cartoon network that are supposedly semi-adult in content. Although I am home 5 days of the week and nearly ALL of the time that they are watching these shows, I have never even heard of them! Another thing that winds up happening is that I will hear a jingle or a commercial dozens, maybe even HUNDREDS of times before I realize what the commercial is selling. By the time I figure out the product, I could probably sing the jingle, recite the dialogue and say the Phone number, twice for emphasis, of course. So, I have been hearing about (what I thought was) this band named, "Modest Yahoo." I thought it was maybe a...I don't on words...maybe Modest Mouse meets Yahoo Serious? Who knows. Anyway, I was reading an article in some very literary journal (coughPeoplehackhack) when I read the exact name that I had totally jumbled up: "Matisyahu." Boy, was my face red. Anyway, this is a PERSON, not a band. He's a Hasidic Reggae singer (okay, I'm sure you probably all know this already, but in case there are others like me) and he sings a song that I have heard maybe five thousand times on the radio before figuring out who performed it, "King without a Crown." When I figured all of this out, I went to his website, and found a series of links to the video for the song. Reading the lyrics, I realized how intensely spiritual this song is, but I also was just bowled over by how well this guy does Reggae! I also got to thinking that all those haters who ranked on Snow and "Informer" are sure keeping their mouths shut now! I am not ashamed to say that I thought that was an awesome song. Of course, I am also not ashamed to say that I totally (STILL) love Milli Vanilli, and think they got a really raw deal. I wonder what ever happened to the guy who actually did the singing? Whatever. Without the charisma of Rob and Fab, he never would have gotten those songs heard. ANYWAY. Go and check out the videos. There is a live one and a studio one, both very, very good.
Something my youngest said to me this morning. "Mom, can you do a google search on making soap with human fat?"

"You. Go get the Fight Club DVD and bring it DOWN from your room RIGHT NOW!"


Mo said...

Between my husband's addiction to news channels, and the Disney channel entertaining his 7 year old, I find myself tuning out things a lot too. I'm just glad with TiVo that if I hear something "questionable" I can always rewind (although I'm also convinced that knowing I can do that adds to me not paying attention).

Here from Michele's. TGIF!

Viamarie said...

Our tv is glued to almost all the sports channel so I seldom get to see other programs. I plan on buying another unit so I get the chance to choose my programs.

Cheers from Michele.

Jeff said...

LOL how old is this little bugger watching fight club?

Michele Sent me

Robin said...

Well, if I tell you how old, I'm afraid you might call the authorities on me, but I'll go out on a limb and tell you that he's 12. I am the worst mom EVER, yes.

margalit said...

I posted about Matisyahu a few weeks back, after I saw him on Letterman. I think he's brilliant. Then I just got to see him live this past week and he's amazing on stage. Very moving and spiritual.

Here from Michele

Carmi said...

There is something vaguely disconcerting about seeing an overtly religious guy rapping with the best of them. I am attracted to it like a moth to the light.

Compelling fusion.