Friday, February 24, 2006

Sploofus Trivia

Okay, now I'm going to shamelessly whore for a friend of mine. He runs a really fun trivia site and you should check it out. This is where I am when I am not blogging or reading all of your blogs. There are different memberships, but you can definitely have plenty of fun playing for free. I do get points from this referral, no cash, but I do have an ulterior motive. He just upgraded to a new system and this was a very difficult and expensive upgrade. It is an enormous improvement even over what it was, and I am really hoping for him to do well, since he has just about EVERYTHING depending on it. For those of you looking for a new addiction (you KNOW you ARE!) just click and sign up for free, you will love it!

Play Sploofus Trivia Free

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Malinda777 said...

I will check him out. I like to promote people I like on my blog too. Good for you.

Here from Michele