Thursday, March 09, 2006

I have a dream, Ja!

Okay, is there anyone else out seen the new hilarious Volkswagon commercials ? Anyone else also find them just the teensiest bit offensive? As a proud, card carrying TAP (Teutonic American Princess) I think I am a bit tired of seeing my people spoofed. That is all.


Michelle said...


Also, so sorry about Santino! His clothing line was actually decent for the finale.

Plain Jane said...

I'm really disappointed in this latest thread of VW commercials. I own one and have always liked their commercials ... until now.

I've never seen VW take the "we're better than you" road in such a crass way. VW owners have quietly loved their cars, their subtle goodness so to speak.. the fact that you'd rather drive around lost in the dark trying to find a party than actually arrive at the party... etc.

This stuff... blows.

Jody said...

I love them. I owned a Jetta and long for a Passat. My son and husband are always telling me things their "fast" doesn't like now.

But I love any commercial that makes me laugh.

Carmi said...

Funny how they never advertise their cars' awful repair histories or their ridiculously inept dealership network.

In any language or accent, it blows.