Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Hope the Salt Dissolves their Finger

It seems I never run out of "bloggable moments" around here. My post about the carwash PRECEDED an unsolicited walk-by "Wash-me"ing scrawled into my rear window over the weekend. My car was blanketed in a thick "Protective" covering of salt after a trip to CT during a snowstorm and really stood out from the rest of the cars in the neighborhood. So, I decided to take it to a drive-through carwash at a gas station. First of all, I had to wait LITERALLY 45 minutes behind 4 other cars, rather than my fervent dream that those ahead of me would spontaneously "part" like the Red Sea in tribute to my OBVIOUS extreme need. When I finally got into the bay, it turned out to be a touchless carwash (no brushes--although I am sure the rest of the world that actually does WASH their car more than every 3 years knows this) so I was a little skeptical about the effectiveness, but it was a pretty vigorous wash. As I was leaving, though...I took one last look in the rear view mirror. Sure enough, you can still see the "Wash Me" as clear as day. Bastards.


Christine said...

Maybe they read 30 Days of DO. ;)

Wasn't me!

rashbre said...

I once had a wall trick or treated with shaving foam. ALthough it was washed away it left a faint trace for a long time. It finally took someone driving into the wall to remove it. No I am not making this up.

And Hello, Michele sent me!


Malinda777 said...

I hate people that somehow violate you with their not-so-funny fingerprints :)

My car looks like shit now too. :)

Here from Michele

Rob said...

This is Robin's TB/NH. You know what is really funny is that she didn't know until I told her today that is was our youngest son who did that like 4 days ago.