Tuesday, May 23, 2006

24 Season Finale, WTF? (TIVO crowd: SPOILERS!)

Yeah, I know the feeling. That one sort of tidied up rather too nicely, eh? And I had actually forgotten that Jack's ass was wanted by the Chinese consulate. As soon as the masks were about to come off, I knew who they were. Any theories about next season? I'm thinking...they brainwash him and he becomes a double agent? It actually wasn't too bad a finale, just not enough shooting was done and everything was just too...TIDY. I had this weird weird inkling about Christopher Henderson being shot...did anyone else get the idea that he wasn't REALLY dead? So, we'll probably see him next year. Too bad they couldn't do the same thing with Edgar :(


Sue said...

Cute cat. I just watched 24 last night. I hated how it ended but it leaves the door open for the pres and wife to come back. As for Henderson, you KNOW it was a set up....Jack promised that he and his wife could just disappear and since the navy kid was there, Jack had to do something....I think the fact that they showed him before the zip up at the end was a sign.....Also, Henderson may be the only one who has the ability to save Jack from the Chinese so......BTW, Here from Michele's this time LOL

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Well, I don't watch it so I have no idea who you are talking abut..(lol) It's so funny when you read something like this and you are not familiar with the characters it all sounds like it could be "General Hospital" or "All My Children"...it is amazing that most of the drama on nightime TV is our 'nightime soap opera', you know? It is no longer episodic-stand-alone-television as it used to be many years ago...and all these season finales are filled with "cliff Hangers" like 'the Perils Of Pauline'...Amazing.

Karen said...

I loved the finale! Especially Morris! They MUST bring him back next season - he's amazing! We had a big 24 finale party here, which was lots of fun.