Friday, May 19, 2006

And on the Seventh Day, The Lord Smote 30 Days

Yes, now I am going to hell. No, REALLY. I am REALLY going to hell.

It all started when we bought our puppy. We immediately read books on dominance and how to be the "alphas" in the family, which the puppy (being brilliant) quickly learned. With one exception. The youngest. Kai see's the youngest as her equal and REFUSES to obey or respect him in any shape or form. In fact, she will go out of her way to do whatever the OPPOSITE is of whatever he asks. If we want Kai to stop some annoying behaviour, all we need to do is to call, "Hey, Youngest! Come take the dog out for a walk!" Kai immediately goes and hides under the nearest desk or under the nearest mommy or daddy. The kids have assigned chores to complete. My daughter is "Mess Crank" (in charge of the kitchen) and my son is "The Beastlord" (in charge of the pets) so he is the one in charge of taking the dog out to pee/poop. Each morning, he tries to get her to go outside on the leash, and each morning, hilarity ensues. She will run to the door like she IS going to go, but then fake and run away. She'll let him get the leash on her and go to the door, then she backs up, yanks her head out of her collar and runs away. Then he'll follow her upstairs and a spirited chase begins...around and around the house. I realized it looked just like all of the chase scenes on Benny Hill, so I'd start singing the "Yakety Sax" song. Of course, only my husband and I understand the reference, so I started looking for a sound clip so that my son could hear it. It is perfectly suited to chase scenes. This is where things started to go wrong. Really, REALLY wrong. As in, I'm not even Catholic and I feel like I need to get to a confessional and start chanting some Hail Marys. I found...[really sick link which I have now deleted] If you are blasphemy-lite, then you might enjoy this, instead. (Courtesy of Margalit)

I removed the original was WAY too over the top.


dee said...

OMG Robin, We are on our knees-bowing to you-We are not worthy, we are not worthy, we are not worthy. DeMille is de man....screaming, Dee

Sparkling Diamond said...

Hi Robin! My five interview questions to you are now posted on my blog...please come over and answer them in the comments. Thanks for playing along! Now...I must go see this horrendous link you have posted here....*scared*

Star said...

Samuel L. as the Burning Bush! Brilliant!

srp said...

Here from Michele.
Even the short clips from the Commandments is enough to remember what an overacted movie it was.
The new narrative just brings out the comic side.

Anonymous said...

How could I have missed a blog that starts with "Ok, I am going to hell"? This!