Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bloggable Offense #1

So, I've told you all about getting Sirius radio for my Honey, so that he could listen to Howard Stern on his way to work. THEN, I got him a motorcycle so that *I* could take his car all the time and listen to Howard Stern; which is what I did today. I was on my way to the Post Office downtown and there was all kinds of construction and all the cars were crawling along or stopped. I was waiting for the light to turn and listening to Stern with the windows down. This old guy was being helped out of a pub on a side street and started hobbling along the sidewalk with his cane (Mind you, this was 10:45 in the morning...)Just as he neared my car, Stern plays a Crazy Alice clip and this old guy got to hear "ARRIVEDERCI C*CK SUCKAH!!!" BLASTING from my car. He just peered into my he wasn't expecting to see Hannah Housewife sitting there smiling and looking sheepish. Why the hell can I NEVER see these things coming? I get in the car with my kids, and it isn't until some story about "anal" comes on that I realize uh...better switch the channel, dumbass!

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