Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mist Yew

I've been having a great summer, this year. I am glad that I managed to get outside for a change...I'm even sporting a skin color that is slightly darker than "anaerobic grub" white! I've just finished the first phase of the "back to school" purchasing; the sport tryouts gear phase. As always, I am skating the last minute...tryouts started today. Next is the actual "buying of the school clothes" phase. Wish these damned kids wore uniforms!

Unbelievably, I was able to finish all of those small altered cards for the all-for-one project, and um...Bitches? They aren't due until NEXT WEEK. Now, of course, I will dawdle on mailing them until November. So, in clockwise order, I'll 'splain them. Top Left is rubber stamped and fabric collaged. The diver is collaged, covered with extra heavy gel medium and textures carved in (which you can't see on the scan) The camels are collaged and highlighted with copper stamp ink. The squiggle is a Zentangle done with Prang metallic and Marvy markers and Crayola spider writers. The TV card is collaged, and the checkerboard card has strips of marbled cards woven into it...then I gelled the shit out of it to make it stay. We'll see. All of these cards are part of different paintings that were cut into small cards to be altered by a bunch of different people. Now the paintings will be reassembled and exhibited.

No post is complete without a cute animal picture...lets see.

Aren't we cute? For new people joining me, Kai is on the left and Luca is on the right. He always looks sorta pitiful when he sleeps...a very sad expression on his face. Behold:

Wah! I'm Luca...mommy is making me take a nap! WAH!

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