Sunday, August 06, 2006


This whole mess with Mel Gibson is something I honestly have no weighty opinion on. People get caught drunk driving all the time, and its never THIS big of a story. Frankly, I think he should have blamed Ambien, which is the fashionable thing to do, but blaming the Jews is still pretty in Vogue, so at least he's got that. What I DID find really REALLY funny about all of this is the whole "Boycott" that is going on in Hollywood. Did you know that Rob Schneider has signed some decree that he will NEVER work with Mel Gibson on a project? Boy, that's gotta sting. Rob? Honey? I laughed as hard as anyone else at "Deuce Bigalow" (Mostly because of the Tourette's woman...."ASSLICKER!"), but let me give you some heartfelt advice: Unless Mel Gibson has a MUST FILL walk-on role for some immigrant to call out, "YOU CAN DOOOIT" (Although there WAS a lot of calling out during the crucifixion...I might have missed it) or a project which mentions the words, "Man-gina" or "Surf Ninja"? I suspect that your boycott is not going to have him teetering out on a ledge somewhere, dude. You might want to stick to avoiding tuna or skip the fur on the Man-Whore roles. I'm just saying.
I am not a big fan of Mel Gibson, myself. I mean, c'mon! His remake of "The Life of Brian"?? Nowhere NEAR as funny as the original. Let's just hope that his rehab and the 20 years of "Diversity Tolerance" PSAs that he's going to have to produce works out for him.

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arlee said...

SNARF!!!!!!! "remake"-----SNARRRRRRRRRF