Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Sprawl

Hello everyone! I am writing to you from Writely, which is google's document writer. I tried using windows live writer and I can't seem to get the proper posting url to work. I noticed other people having the same problem, but I don't see the workaround answer...anyone know?

And WHY, you are probably asking, am I even BOTHERING to find publishing software for a blog that I have so SORELY neglected? You should know the answer to that already. Stupidity (AKA Comedy) happens, and I am either there to perform, experience or witness it and I feel a responsibility to record it. This is not to say that my life has been "Stupidity free" since I last posted...nay nay! I can just never remember the stupidity by the time I get to the computer.

So, lets see...the summer so far, in review. Wake up, hide in the media room reading my email until Evil (the children) awakes. Spend day ferrying, fielding phone calls or scheduling intricate meeting arrangements for said Evil. I do get breaks, because Cuteness (the animals) needs to be fed, petted or walked. To add to this symbiosis, I have (sort of) taken up gardening, as evidenced by my dinner plate sized dahlia picture in the post below. Right now, I am working with containers, which I can keep close to the house so that I don't forget all about them. Sort of a KinderGARDEN, if you will. I haven't killed anything, except for poor "Jack Flower" (the card read, "take care of Jack Flower...he's got a gun!") which is a very hapless impatiens that my kids got me for mother's day 2 years ago. It thrived in a tiny pot until it got too big this spring, so I replanted it in some very nice miracle gro soil in a big hanging planter right in the middle of a sunny window. For all of my care and attention, it turned all powdery and the stems rotted and fell off. "Army of One" ? I don't think so.

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