Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's 30 Days of Do, Bitch!

I guess it's time to stop pretending that I'm going to try to come back regularly or even semi-regularly, so I'm thinking each season for right's still fall, right? Anyway, sorry to keep you all in suspense, but after my disastrous performance at the VMAs, I've really had a lot on my plate. (like stalking Rihanna, that skinny bitch)

So...what is there to talk about? I've been stuck at home for nearly 2 weeks with the dogs because Luca had kennel cough

If you've never heard a dog make a sound like it was hawking up a chainsaw, you've really missed out on something! Poor Luca...he really wasn't as bothered by the whole thing as Kai was. She wanted to go to daycare! Every day until around 1 in the afternoon, she would growl and fuss and stand in front of the front door. She'd start doing jumping jacks every time I made a motion that LOOKED like it was heading toward the door. This experience had me fondly recalling the days of trying to have 30 seconds to myself in the bathroom while toddlers pounded on the door or wandered into traffic. My poor cats, for which 'Dogs at Daycare'='Vacation' were not especially pleased, either.

I actually started a garden IN THE GROUND, if you can believe it. Here there be evidence. Now you know it WOULD have looked better and more convincing had there been actual FLOWERS in the garden, but I have just dug up my gladiolas and put in iris and daffodil bulbs, so you're going to have to use your imagination a little bit. Turn on Dora and grab your magic backpack if it helps. These are some lilies and irises that mom gave me to plant and they're doing pretty well. Behind that is my peony. This one is a deep fuschia, but I have ordered a pale pink (can't recall if it is blush or bashful haha) and a coral colored one. This garden was just the small corner I dug by the peony and I kept expanding it out a little bit at a time. Eventually, I hope to join it to a walkway to the lower yard.

There are also a lot of iris, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs here. I did have acidanthera sort of unenthusiastically blooming, but dug them up along with the glads.

Here are some of the results of my planting marigold seeds last spring. This is actually pretty cool. I must have exposed some of them to radiation or nuclear waste or dog pee because check out the size of this marigold... Ayi!!!! GOING SWARROW TOKYO!!!

Finally, here is a picture of a piece of slate that my youngest found and brought home for the border.

What else...I went to a great class, Advanced Layers, taught by Jane Dunnewold.
I learned how to do silk screen printing, soy wax batik, glue/gel medium resists, flour paste resists and very cool 'faux silk screens' made from interfacing, tulle and house paint and a whole ton of other fun stuff. I came home with dye all over my clothes and probably absorbed into every pore in my body. Since I just messed up my card reader, I'm going to save the pictures of some of my projects for another post.

So...what did YOU all do on summer vacation?

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Janet said...

wow, woman, you've been gone a LONG time!!!

Hope the kennel cough goes away soon :-(