Sunday, July 10, 2005

The one where Alex Leaves and Kai has her other paw worked on

Not a good day today. While I was sleeping, lots was happening. Kai's foot got red and more swollen, and she had to be rushed to the vet and have a huge abcess on her paw drained, and now she has a big bandage. My husband's ex-wife came and got my stepson and took him home, which was a last minute decision on everyone's part, and I didn't know about it, and didn't get to say goodbye to him. So, I woke up to a crazy world. Poor Kai was drugged, and staggering (again)and even peed all over herself because she couldn't get up in time, I guess it was pretty awful. My brand new phone isn't functioning correctly, and it probably won't be fixed until Monday, and the woman I usually work with had to go home sick and now I have to work by myself. Anyway, I didn't get anything done in my studio except straightening out some of my new items and put the PC's I made yesterday up for safekeeping and to dry. I brought plenty of yarn and needles with me to work yesterday, but was too busy to use them. I might get a chance tonight, and if I do, I'll try to get the pics added on tomorrow/tonight.

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