Sunday, July 10, 2005

The one where I nearly finish my knitted bag

The weather is back to summer blah after a nice spell of cool weather. I guess If it comes with getting the sun back it's not so bad, but that cold weather was so nice to sleep in! I did do some knitting last night, and got to near the end of the bag I'm making. I had to add another yarn, since the orange one ran out, so I just added another koolaid dyed hank...of mint green/yellow. it's an "interesting" contrast, to say the least! Well, it's all practice, I suppose. My knitting is all at work in my kitty bag, so I'll photo it...hmm, maybe I'll test out my phone on it. The picture messaging feature wasn't working on the phone, and supposedly, they've fixed it, so I'll see if I can upload a pic to the blog.

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