Friday, July 08, 2005

The one where I use Shiva Paintsticks and Fluid Acrylics and get my cool new phone

Today, all the animals are a little bit less resentful and/or groggy, but Babs seems to be going out of her way to hiss and spit at Tessie. Poor Tessie! I took Kai back to the Vet, and he gave her a pain reliever that actually seems to have done a bit of good for her. He didn't work on the wrong paw as we previously thought, but it seems as though she must have sprained it or something. I also returned my OLD new phone and got my NEW new Motorola E815!! which is werry, werry cool. Anyway, I did get out to the studio last night and painted over my collage with my gloss polymer medium. Hum. didn't quite achieve the effect I was looking for, it washed out some of the marks I made with pen, for one thing, and it wasn't as glossy as I thought it would be. Well, it's a work in progress. I also did knit quite a bit of the new little bag I'm working on. I had to unravel and start over because I started it with a circular needle that was way too huge and long, so when I went into the round it was all spazzed out. anyway, it's coming along nicely, although I hated changing from bamboo needles to metallic needles. Need to get a nice set of bamboo double points. I am such a spastic knitter that I am sure I will be a source of amusement when I start posting stuff that I finish, but I have to give myself credit, since I've FINISHED way more knitting projects than other art projects I've started. Here is the link to pics of the Knitted stuff
Anyway, we have been having a ball here with our new camera phones, and my daughter is driving everyone crazy, such that my stepson had to ask for a reference guide to figure out how to block phone messages from coming in. Okay, what else did I do in my studio? I got out my shiva paintsticks and drew out one postcard, and I also opened up my golden fluid acrylics and painted one,and started a watercolor type background for another. The fluid acrylics are just as described...lovely, VERY concentrated, fun and almost luxurious to use, since I've gotten so used to using Craft acrylics. I'm thinking these were really what I needed to use with my starch marbling. Must work tonight, which does suck, but it'll be over fast (FLW)

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