Thursday, July 21, 2005

The one where I am "stump'ed by trees

These are the two nearly finished PC tops. the Bottom is for the Tree swap, and the top one STARTED to be trees, but because of a peculiarity in coloration with the fabric, turned out to be an aerial shot of a river. With the fall...So. Anyway, I decided that one might go for the Charity Postcards since it doesn't really fit the themes I'm working on. I have a couple of other trees started, but they are still a bit wet to scan, and I don't want to take anymore pics in that hideous light. (My studio is not much better...the lightbulbs USED to be 15 watt in the ceiling lights out there--regular lightbulbs won't fit!) I dashed down to CT this evening to take some things to my daughter, who will be going from my best friend's house to my mom's house to spend the weekend. She's loving being "abroad" so to speak! Anyway, I just noticed how the marks in the birches make it look like one of them is wasn't like that to begin with. Something must have settled funny. I'll have to take another look at it. That one will be thread painted, and I'm not sure about the ground...I wanted to portray a mistiness, or fogginess which seems to be what the Fabric is doing already...I can't figure out how to really concentrate and enhance the look. Maybe Organza?? or tulle? I"ll try it tomorrow. I also finished binding another purple postcard, and I think I have 3 more of those to go. I realized that although the Trees are due soonest, and the purple ones Latest...I need twice as many purples as I do Trees, so It is good that I am getting them done at the same time. I'll probably have half of them done by the time the Trees are done, then I can hopefully get another purple theme going and get those done. I have the anything but cotton swap, which is due in between, but that's going to be CQ pieced and made with my silk scraps, so it should go fast

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