Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The one where Kai and Babs learn total world domination

No, this isn't the total extent of my creativity for the day! I made this for Hubby, who has a picture of the Yeso H-bomb explosion as his wallpaper, and commissioned this combination from me. We have a Flying squirrel in our backyard, and Kai can't STAND that thing. She won't poop or pee if she sees it, and she just goes nuts. Anyway, might be offensive to some, but you'll get over it. I actually painted several postcard tops today, 3 of them being tree postcards (finally.) I also started finishing one of the purple pieced people eaters which was stalled because I had to go to the store because I ran out of the purple thread I was using to embellish and finish the edges. Along the way, I found, and supported HANDSOMELY, my LYS! I think it might be the closest one to me, so I'll give a shout out to "The Yarn Basket" in Lunenberg, very nice little selection, and the prices weren't bad. They had a TON of stuff on sale, which was fun for me. My car started overheating on the way back, and I am pissed, because I took the damned thing to be serviced just yesterday and they told me everything was A-ok. Jerks. So, tomorrow I was planning to go to CT, but I'm not sure now, since my car is not being cooperative. If I don't, I plan on finishing the painting and trying to be patient and not bull ahead and set the paint with an iron so I can finish the cards LOL! I actually painted another one that I might send to the Fiberart for a Cause if I can finish it in time for next week. I encourage everyone who reads this to please go to the link and see if there is a card that interests you. For 30 bucks, it's hard to go wrong, it's all for a good cause, and there is some gorgeous artwork for sale there. Well, I really DIDNT get this finished (or even started, for that matter) before Midnight, but Blogger has a neat little feature that makes it seem like I did...mmmmm Jedi hypnosis.......

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