Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The one where I go to CT and dye lace

I got a lot of embellishment packs done today, (pictures to follow, maybe?) Not much else. I dyed some crocheted lace motifs for the packs, so I guess that was studio work. We're also working on making some postcard embellishment packs, but I'm kind of stalled for ideas right now. I am in CT and will be back in Massachusetts tomorrow to pick up the wreckage, since I completely forgot that cleaning people were coming today, so I had to have them come back on Friday! Kai's foot is doing pretty well, she's walking just fine on it, and taking her antibiotics stuffed in cheese. Keighley will be visiting with my best friend in CT for a whole week, so I'm going to be surrounded with JUST testosterone for a week...AAAAAACK!

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