Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The one where I reinstall Windows

What do you suppose you could do that would rival the fun of beating your head against a brick wall, while simultaneously stubbing your toe? How about reformatting your computer and reinstalling windows?? Can I get a Witness? HELLO? Un-REAL. The sensation is similar to not really knowing if a patient is going to wake up from anesthesia or from unconsciousness...will it live? will it be okay? will it still be able to keep 25 ebay and blog windows open while simultaneously editing a photo and playing spiderman pinball and yakking on AIM? I don't know, it's too soon to tell, yet...you MUST give it TIME...I'm a stupid windowsXP install disk, NOT a miracle worker! Anyway, the "little system that could" made it off of the table and off of life support finally, and seems to be handling things well on its own, although it was touch and go for awhile.
I finished my stupid bag last night, and now I'm knitting an I-cord for a strap. I swear to god, I should enter these things as an outsider art project or something. "they're so...vivid, but childlike..they evoke the innocence of an ape who wields the knitting needles for the first time!" So, I picked through my collection of bags which are fully knitted, but not fully fulled (haw haw, felting humor, can't beat it!) and I'm trying to make a big enough pile to justify a wash load. I guess with the towels to help rough them up that it won't be so bad. Tomorrow I head on down to CT to put together the embellishment packs. These should be pretty cool, and we might put together some Fiber Postcard kits as well. This is all for today, I haven't even poked my head out of the door once today, I've been so consumed with this stupid computer!

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