Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Boring One

Hello again. I haven't posted, not even witty commentary, because this was a really busy weekend (month-ending paperwork, blah!!) Today, I got one postcard top done, and now I have to get the ones that are complete ready to send out. I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow so that I'm all set to go to Mom's. This week, we are making Fiber packs for scrapbooking and embellishing. This is for the show I talked about here which is coming up August 19-21. I am kind of wiped from this weekend, and longing for bed, so I am going to keep this short. I included Kai, who is SUCH a lady in this pic. When she's lying on her side, she'll cross her front paws AND her back paws!! Such a cutie. What else, what else.... Here is Babby playing in the box that my son made for her. In't she FIERCE??? OoooOOOo Scarrrry! Okay, SILLY...I MUST be punchy. I'm getting myself to bed.

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