Monday, August 22, 2005

Embellishing Tall Tales

Welp, I'm back from Stitches in Time, and a great time was had by all. AND I got a very very cool gift from my mom! A Babylock Embellisher!! I am so psyched! I picked it up on my way home this morning, and I've been messing around with it a little bit, but nothing too involved, yet. I now have a bunch of ideas for the postcards I'm doing. Unfortunately, I don't have enough flat space in my studio for it, yet, so it's on the kitchen table taking up space, but that's okay, there's only 4 of us right now anyway.
We had a terrific show, but mom was stymied by the "low speed" internet available at the hotel, which screwed up her times for her favorite online trivia game. The quilt show itself was nice, but...the usual "suspects" were represented...nothing overly interesting, or terribly original. Mostly group projects worked on by various guilds, and a few memoir quilts. The cool thing was that the quilts were hung in the same space with the vendors, so everyone who went to the quilt show was automatically where the vendors were, so just about everyone in attendance HAD to go by our booth. That was very awesome, and I was happy that we got to expose some new people to the items we carry. We also had a lot of our fun regulars show up, and we were able to catch up with them.
People were really excited about the embellishment packs, and there were a lot of students there from the crazyquilting and silk ribbon classes who came and got some. Basically, the packs have 7 different coordinating fancy fabrics, with trims, fibers and a matching glass button. It's basically a project in a bag, so it makes it is great for people who aren't sure how they're going to get a stash going, or match up fabrics in their favorite color pathway. Interestingly, the ones that sold the best were the Neutral packs we made up. I'm always surprised that the really colorful ones aren't more popular!
So, I have to finish up the rest of my "anything but cotton" Postcards, and mail the "trees" postcards, and then I will have a few weeks to finish the last of the Purple postcards. That's all for now, I want to go play!

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