Friday, August 19, 2005

Stitches Through Time, Pigs in Space, Great Expectations

Well, I am writing from Connecticut, about to head to "Stitches Through Time"

in Vernon, CT this weekend. Once again, for those of you who are joining us late, Come to the Linenlady booth and mention "30 Days of Do" for a cool discount and gifty! In other news, there really isn't any. I finished up the "Anything But Cotton" postcards that I had started, ironed and backed another "Trees" Postcard, and then cut the tops, batting and backings for all of the rest of the
"Anything but Cotton" Tops, so that all I have to do on monday is stitch, back and send. That sounded real good, didn't it?? Almost like I'd do it. Hey, I'm getting better at this, ya know! Anyway, I've run away from home, and so I have no pictures here of the stuff I've finished. We finished some more really nice embellishment packs, and we have all new beautiful labels, which isn't really as important, I know, but I am proud of them because I designed and made them myself. (and also because I didn't spend 23874 1/2 hours hand- marbling cards like I did with all of the last embellishment packs) Next week, I will be finishing the ABC cards, and then finishing the last of the Purple cards, which (gasp) might actually get out on time!

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