Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Laboriously We Plod Along...

Okay, I sort of figured out a problem I had with these Paper back Moire cards, and that was: How am I going to attach these to a backing and have them look like the rest of the fiber postcards, or at least SORT of like them? Well, I'm sure the answer would be obvious to everyone else, but it took me awhile to put all of the logistics together. I used 505 to attach muslin to batting, quilted over that using invisible thread to mark out a postcard back, then used heatbond to attach the whole mess to the card. The edges are a little raggedy, but I'm going to use a hint I saw somewhere and put a little bit of gel medium along the edges to keep it in line. Please keep in mind that I never really LEARNED to quilt anywhere, hence the Clown college style quilting. This brings my total up to a painful 8 completed cards, 3 more to set and back, then send out. Next up, my "anything but cotton" cards, which are ANYTHING but started. What gorgeous weather tonight...we will probably not even need the AC to sleep with!

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