Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Looking for News of Saucier, MS

One topic today that is serious and concerns Hurricane Katrina. My son is staying with his dad in Saucier, MS, which is just above Biloxi. I haven't heard a single word of news about any other towns than that are not directly coastal, for obvious reasons, but I am still worried, and trying not to freak out. If anyone reads this and possibly has any news or updates about the areas of Saucier, Wiggins, Mchenry, etc, please leave me a comment? I'd really appreciate it. I keep calling their cell phone, thinking that is probably going to be the first thing accessible, but no luck, yet. I'm beginning to entertain notions of begging off work this weekend and driving down. He was doing a little construction work with his uncle before all this hit and wanted to stay to make a little more money, but I suspect the construction is probably all over for THIS season, anyway. My thoughts are with all who are down there, or who have loved ones down there during this time.

I haven't accomplished a whole lot, except that I did mail nearly all of my cards that were due out. I just finished the rest of them this afternoon and they are ready to send out, so I have those swaps off of my mind, but I now have the big bad purple swap that is due tomorrow. Since I really had to buckle down with my late Trees and ABC's, I had put those on hold, but fortunately, those were already half finished. I just took out my purple things to look at and try to figure something out. Of course, I'm looking for something I can use my pretty new toy on!

I took out some of the wool and I started layering it and running it through the embellisher to see how it would a dream. Not only is the stuff a nice texture, but my fingers are nice and soft from the lanolin! here is a tidbit of one of the pieces. I was wondering if I combined reds/pinks and blues if it would create a purple tone, but not so much.

My buddy from CT came to visit overnight on Monday, and I taught her some really rudimentary knitting. She caught on pretty quick. She is going "abroad" to Greece and Europe in October, so she is hoping to have a project to work on while travelling.

The kids started school today, so I used my time wisely by sleeping in with the puppy in the morning and getting a very leisurely start to doing chores around the house. I mean, chores can be done while the kids are running around should take every opportunity to nap while THEY are napping or at school. Of course, that is logic I read somewhere like..."what to expect while you are expecting" some 10-15 years ago, but I am sure it still holds true when the youngest is in middle school, right?

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