Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Maple Leaf!

I really wanted to try the maple leaves using the wool roving. Being as pig-headed as I am, I still decided not to do it exactly according to the printed suggestions. The suggestions say to use wash away stabilizer and draw out the pattern of the maple leaf. I couldn't print out the stupid thing because the printer is AFU, so I just decided to grab hunks of roving and shape it myself under the embellisher needles. I kind of like the results, although I'm not so sure they look exactly like a real maple leaf. If I was SMART, I suppose I would have gone out and picked one of the leaves off of my tree to use as a model, but... we all know how THAT goes. Anyway, I sort of tried to meld the wool together in a roughly "maple leaf" shape, then I cut the shape a little more accurately. I really like the difference in effects between top and bottom, and the colors actually are a lot more attractive than they appear in this picture. I also found that you CAN overfelt, and then your material will start falling apart because the wool is too shredded. I would imagine that I could save it if I had steamed it some with the iron, but instead, I just grabbed more roving and patched the damaged areas. This does remind me that I should steam the crap out of it with the iron and that may thicken it up and make it less...I don't know, Oblong, maybe? Also, I am now down to just 4 needles....situation critical! May need to make a trip to Willimantic to get more needles!!
<===Top~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bottom====>

In other news, I found a place online to attempt to locate people in the MS/LA area affected by the hurricane, and I also am getting an "All circuits busy" message when I call, rather than "due to hurricane, call cannot be made." I consider that to be hopeful right at the moment.

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arlee said...

Looks more like a mutated Gingko leaf to me :)
Kewl though!!!