Thursday, September 01, 2005

Puppy's First Birthday!

Today is Kai's first birthday! She got a nice rope chew toy, some treats and a card from all of her friends at Daycare, and we went to the butcher and got her a couple of really nice fat beef marrow bones. She had a great day, but she was so tired, she couldn't even finish her bone! She hid it, then Fluffy tried to get it, but she raced right in and lay down next to it to discourage him. Freaky animals.

I still haven't heard from my oldest son, but I have put messages out on a few people connector type boards to be on the lookout. For those just joining us, My son is staying with his dad in Saucier, MS. I last spoke to them on Sunday, and I haven't heard anything since. After Katrina, I haven't heard many updates about Saucier, but I did see a picture of people standing in line for gas in Saucier. I hope they're not being gouged down there the way everyone else is.

Here is my project for this evening. I realized I do have enough postcards finished to match all of the postcards I've received so far, so I addressed them all, and I started on some more ideas for the rest of them. I"m saving the paper collaged postcard for the end. I might do like I did with the shiva stick cards and quilt a backing to attach it to. The piece I did tonight is organza, which I sprayed with 505, then arranged strips, threads and yarns on. I covered it with tulle and backed it with tissue paper, then FME'd all over it. It's not really special...not sure what I'll do with it. I made it based on a small art piece I had bought from a woman named Dagmar at IQF in Chicago. I found it tonight and I was looking at it and I realized that it was basically the same thing...organza base, threads and strips, but she made gridded stitching directly over it without the tulle. she might have used a washaway stabilizer, though. I always have to do things the hard way!

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