Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Secret Torment--Kitten Albatross

Well, I think I took an extra welbutrin last night by accident, sooo...no sleep for me! And today, I'm still going strong, and got a lot done for a change. I still have more Tree cards which are going to be dry tomorrow and ready to make up, but today I took glitter glue and sealed the raw edges of the finished tree cards, and they look a little better than they did. I also started the "anything but cotton" cards and got 4 of them done! I had a very cool rayon sari like fab in my stash (um, with the "Fabric Place" slip still pinned to it!!) and it is so very intricate and paisley-ly, that it was easy to crank out the cards. I thought I would also include a picture that proves once and for all just exactly why I can never seem to get anything done in my studio.

I mean...God FORBID I should move a sleeping purring kitten...right? These two kittens have the peculiarity of being as affectionate as your common coral snake caught in a noose when they are awake, but when they are asleep...ahhh...that is when they become magic!! They purr, they stretch, they nuzzle and coo...they actually welcome patting and kisses. So, the protocol around here is to "let sleeping kittens lie"--even when they happen to be on top of my cutting board, my rotary cutter (don't worry, it IS sheathed!) AND the fabric I happen to be working with. But, do I EVER see them curled up on top of dirty dishes? Noooooo!

So, tomorrow I hope to finish the rest of the ABC cards, iron and finish the last of the tree cards and send the whole lot out before I head to Connecticut for the show this weekend. As I've said before, anyone who sees this and comes to "The Linenlady" booth and mentions "30 Days of Do" will get a very nice discount and/or a free gift! I really hope to see some of you there!

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