Thursday, October 13, 2005


Okay, I have to admit it, I'm a self-serving geek, and I have my blog address in my signature. You ALL should be subjected to my witticisms (WTF? is that how it is spelled?) my cynicism and my mis-adventures and the pure WRONGNESS of referring to my work as "artwork." And by "You ALL" I mean everyone EXCEPT my ex-husband. Also my co-workers (I want to be able to freely refer to THEIR idiocies, too) I think many of you have an idea where this is going. Demmit. I replied to an email from my Ex's wife and didn't remove the blog. and since I haven't really sent any emails to them since I started blogging full time, I guess I wasn't being careful. AAAAARGH. Fortunately, I can totally tell if they log in here and spy on me, so THERE. Don't come back! (I mean ex and wife, not YOU) I am just hoping hoping hoping that since the signature is way down at the bottom of the email past all of the quoted material that they miss it and delete the email. Please send positive (?) energy to San Diego commanding them to delete that email, okay? Thank you, Internet...You're my only hope!

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