Saturday, October 15, 2005


Okay, I need to get back to the original subject(s) at hand here. What have I done in the studio. Well, I FINISHED the self portrait, so it's bound in all of its glory...but not hung. I am not sure how I want to hang it, or IF I want to have that stupid thing staring all cow eyed at me. TBD later.
Sort of happy because we are finally getting moving with having contractors come and help us with the updates to the house, so we've been busy with that. After we replace our sewer, we can start in on things we can actually SEE. DH wants to start in the livingroom, since he believes that will be the cheapest to redo. We'll see. Our living room bugs me because there is not enough WALL space. We have an arch on one side, a door on the other side, and a window on another side. The one wall that we have has the radiator for the hall and upstairs located in it, and I'm actually thinking of cutting that wall down to open the living room up to the foyer! I may wind up with no more than 4-5 linear feet of wall space on any given wall.
In other news, Ex, or his wife DID check into the blog, something I didn't think would happen. I'm an awful snot for worrying about this, but it kind of skeeves me out to think about it. Okay, just obsessing, as usual. You folks totally dropped the ball in the "hoping against hope" category, I expect to see BETTER performance...Don't make me come over there!!


Michelle said...

Ooo! Home Improvements are fun when they aren't disruptive to everyday life.

About the E-X visit I'd offer you some bleach to scrub the memory from your brain, but I'm fresh out. The pantry is kind of bare so I humbly offer you 9 Strawberry Twizzlers in hopes of distracting you.

Robin said...

ohhh sure. Distract me with the twizzlers and you'll be out here rummaging through all of my lovely wool. I know you, missy. I've got my eye on EWE. baaahhhh

Michelle said...

*twirls Bicycle Mustache*