Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Okay, I hate to bump my wonderful heartwarming kid story off of the top, but OMG, I just became aware of This list of the top 100 novels since 1923 and I have to say that I'm a little alarmed. I have always thought of myself as fairly well read, but I have only read 13 out of 100 of these books!! Now, let me just point out the fact that I abound with bad habits, bad manners and bad taste, but poor taste in books is DEFINITELY not one of my characteristics. I read very little of anything that might possibly have a little "specialty" icon on the binding at the library, such as Sci-Fi, Romance or Mysteries. I love me an Oprah book list book, but does that make me a monster?? Anyway, just for shites and giggles, I will share with you which books on the exalted list that I have read. I know you are just thrilling with anticipation on this one. These are in no particular order.
1. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
2. Lolita
3. Lord of the Flies (had to read it for school, does that count??)
4. Lord of the Rings (urgh. listened to the audio book, may not count)
5. Animal Farm
6. Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret (Personally, I think "Forever" should be on this list!)
7. Atonement (audio)
8. Beloved
9. 1984
10. Catch-22
11. The Catcher in the Rye
12. Gone with the Wind
13. The Great Gatsby

Since I'm on a roll with this, I'll continue with...

Books on THE LIST that I started, but never finished for one reason or another... So SUE ME

1. The Blind Assassin (I may have finished this...I remember liking the cover, no idea what it was about)
2. Brideshead Revisited (ZZzZZzzZZZ)
3. To Kill a Mockingbird (I am ashamed to say that this is one of my bathroom library books!!!)
4. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (give me a break, I was 12!)
5. Wide Sargasso Sea (Gimme an F-in break! This is romantic trash! Try to Prequel Jane Eyre?? PEH!)

Books that I haven't Read and will Never Read Because They Were Written by William Faulkner*

1. The Sound and the Fury
2. Light in August

*William Faulkner frosts my butt with his stupid run on sentences and no quotation marks for speech.

There. You have my shameful lists. Which ones have YOU read?


English said...

I'm ashamed to say that I've read less than you! OMG!
Do watching the movies count? lol If they do...I'm doing okay.

What constitutes a classic anyway? Where was Jane Eyre on that list. I love that book! Of course I'm willing to read romance so my opinion may not hold much weight here. lol


tomawesome said...

I oughta do a post like you did. it's an interesting topic. thanks for the idea!